Special Guest Emily Goldthwaite Fries, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative


As part of our November Community Outreach focus on serving those experiencing homelessness, this weekend we welcome Emily Goldthwaite Fries via video message to share her story on why she works for affordable, equitable housing.  

Emily is from Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, an emerging community partner for Nativity. As a Senior Congregational Organizer, Emily works with leaders and clergy who engage their congregations in creating homes, hosting Families Moving Forward, and speaking out for just policies on housing and homelessness. She believes people of faith have a critical voice in ensuring that all people have a home. 

A minister ordained in the United Church of Christ, Emily has served in both local churches and nonprofit service agencies in the Midwest, Palestine, and Israel. Originally from Eugene, Oregon, she has put down roots in Minneapolis with her husband and young daughter.