WoW – He Is Risen Indeed!

Worship on Wednesday

He Is Risen Indeed! Faith5

Around the table discuss:

What made Easter special this year?
Were there traditions you had to do differently?
How do you want celebrate the joy of new life once we can leave our houses and see other people again?

Today’s God’s Great Story of the Easter Morning Story

Read the modern hymn “In Christ Alone” on the next page to share this familiar story in a new poetic way.


How have you connected with Jesus’ story during Lent and Holy Week at home?
Have you tired being part of the “extended table” and taken Communion at home during worship?
What else have you liked or missed while we worship from home?

Get out some markers or crayons. As you listen to the words of the hymn (either spoken out loud or watch the Worship On Wednesday video) draw what you hear on the other half of the hymn sheet. Feel free to pick colors and scribble in abstract or draw symbols. When done, take a picture and email it to

Continue the Easter Blessing
Say “Jesus is risen” and respond “He is risen indeed!” 




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