We Are More Than Conquerors!

Worship on Wednesday

This summer join us around for worship the campfire

What blessings have you found these past few months?
How have you thanked God for those blessings?
How have you been a blessing to others?

Today’s God’s Great Story is from the Book of Job. Read Job 1:1-22, this lays the
story out for the whole book – how will the upright man, Job, respond to losing
everything, will he still serve God.


Why do bad things happen to good people? Discuss how you feel about this
popular question? Why do you think we think this way?
Talk about the type of world we live in and why this theory can’t work.
If God doesn’t protect us from bad things happening, what’s the point of faith?
Jesus taught about not avoiding the perils of the world but finding peace in the
midst of it. How do you find peace in hard times?

Peaceful Scripture Reading Prayer

Pick a piece of Scriptures that brings you peace and read it as a prayer in a place that
helps you focus and release stress.
I chose to read Psalm 23 at the Japanese Peace Garden at Como Conservatory.
You can reserve a time at Como Conservatory here is you’d like:

More Than Conquerors Modern Hymn
Read the words of this modern hymn on the next page as a prayer to ask to feel at peace
with the world verses “conquering” and being above it


Pass the peace like we would in regular worship, pass it electronically too!



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