Summer JOY!

Worship on Wednesday

This summer join us around for worship the campfire

What about summer brings you joy?
What are some of your favorite summer toys?
Share a find memory of playing during summertime.

Today’s God’s Great Story is Nehemiah 8:10 “The joy of the Lord is my strength”
When the people of Israel came back from exile to find their land in devastation,
they find the Word of God amongst the rubble. The scribe Ezra encouraged them
to find strength in the joy of remembering God’s promises.


While we aren’t quite in exile or having country in complete ruins, we are going
through a significantly rough time in history. And while YES we have a lot of work
to do and need to live in the “comfortableness” of change for awhile, we still can
find ways to experience peace and joy without having to feel guilty about it.
How do you feel about having fun during these difficult times?

Summer Godly Play!

Try out some of the fun prayer activities on the next page. Yes they are meant to be fun
and a little silly, even for adults, as a great way to offer up our stress to God in prayer.



Say to each other while laughing “the joy of the Lord is your strength!”




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