Self Care & Healing

Worship on Wednesday

Go for a walk and discuss:

Name an emotion
What does it feel like for you?
What makes you feel better/more centered?
What did you learn about each other?

Today’s God’s Great Story of all of creation

Acts 3:1-10 is the story of Paul healing a man
What are some other stories of healing in the Bible?
What do you notice about the person who was healed in those stories?

10,000 Reasons

  • When you’re overwhelmed, sometimes it’s really helpful to think of all the
    blessing you have and list reasons you have to be thankful.
    While listening to the worship song 10,000 Reason, share together or list on
    your own reasons you have to be thankful. See if you can get close to 10,000!

Four Corners Prayer

Feeling connected to the earth can help us feel grounded when we’re anxious.
Try doing the Four Corners Prayer on the following page together or alone.

Meditation Blessing
Taking a moment to just breathe can help when we’re feeling stressed. Breath
is one of the greatest and simplest blessings God has given up.
Try the Meditation Exercise at the end of this week’s video or simply find a quiet space to practice taking deep breaths. As you breathe in feel imagine being filled with God’s peace. As you breathe out imagine letting go of things that are causing stress.




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