One Thing Remains

Worship on Wednesday

Around your table:

Love is patient…
When are some times it’s hard for you to be patient?
When is it easy?
What are some coping methods you have that help?

Today’s God’s Great Story is in Paul’s Letter to the church in Corinth

1 Corinthians 13 that’s commonly read at weddings



What connection do you have with this passage?
How do you apply this to your relationships?
How do you apply it to loving your “neighbor”?
What would it be like if we loved ourselves that way?
If God is love, how do you imagine Him loving us that way?

My Child Poem

Read this poem that is written from God’s perspective as an act of prayer:
My child, My love for you is patient, My love for you is kind.
It is not envious, it does not boast, it is not arrogant, My love for you is never rude.
I don’t insist on my own way. I don’t ever want to be irritable with you or resentful ever.
While I don’t rejoice in any wrongdoing, I rejoice with you in the truth.
My love for you bears all things, believes in all things about you,
Hopes in all things for you and endures all things with you
We know that these three remain: Faith, hope and love
And the greatest of these, My dear child, is My love for you


Hug and say “Thank you for your kind love”




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