Happy Earth Day!

Worship on Wednesday

Get outside and discuss:

What do you like most about nature?
Where are some of your favorite outdoors places?
How does being outdoors make you feel
Pick a favorite song or hymn about nature and sing it loud and proud!

Today’s God’s Great Story of all of creation

Go on a Nature in the Bible Scavenger Hunt! Use the 4 suggestions on the back to find items in nature and read a Bible verse about them.
Want more of the fun, download the whole set on Nativity’s Website

Talk about how we can be good stewards of God’s Creation:

  • What good things are we already doing in our day to help the earth?
  • What simple changes can our family make to take even better care of our planet?
  • Why is it important to be good about: recycling? composting? turning off the lights? taking shorter showers? turning off the water while brushing our teeth?

Make a plan to do something good for the earth this week!

Check out Nativity’s Facebook page for posts with loads of ideas!
In honor of Earth Day, Icelanders have been told to hug tree for five minutes a day to combat the loneliness of coronavirus isolation.
So let’s give it a try! (even if it feels really silly, think we and God could us a chuckle!)
Hug a tree and say a prayer of thanks to God for surrounding us with His creations that sings His praise no matter the season.

Hug Blessing
Hug each other and say “I’m so glad God created you!” 




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