At The Cross

Worship on Wednesday

This summer join us around for worship the campfire

Have some fun with emotions! Someone say an emotion, then everyone share
how it makes you feel or what it makes your face look like. Or be a little silly and
share what each other looks like with each emotion.

Today’s God’s Great Story is from Job 4:1-9. After losing everything, Job has a
few emotions (wouldn’t we all!) He tries to express those feelings with his friends
and they aren’t exactly the most helpful. If you choose, read the whole chapter
and see how ludicrous his friends retorts become.

Have you ever had a hard time expressing an emotion?
What is it that you wished your family and friends understand?
Usually the problem is we just want to feel heard, not be fixed.
Do you ever have a hard time listening and not jumping in with solutions?
Think about prayer, and how it is a time to just be heard by God. How does it
make you feel to have God listen?

Luther Park Trial of Grace Prayer Activity

At Luther Park Camp there is a trail of 10 crosses throughout the wooded grounds
that you can follow and engage in prayer and reflection. Watch this week’s video
or use the following instructions to make your own.


Make the sign of the cross on each other’s foreheads
and say “you are a child of God.”



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