10,000 Reasons

Worship on Wednesday

This summer join us for worship around the campfire

Change is a part of life
Share about some of the changes you’ve been through
Or make a list of things that change
Or with young kids talk about things in nature that change, plant, animals, etc

Today’s God’s Great Story is from Job 14: 7-15; 19:23-27. After losing everything,
Job spends sometime contemplating the grief of all he has lost. He wishing he
could just skip the grieving stage but is reminded that even if a tree is cut down it
will sprout again.

Is change hard or easy for you?
What are some changes this past year that have been hard?
What are some changes you’ve come to appreciate?
What things do you grieve that will probably never be the same again?

Journaling Prayer Activity

Use the following page to as a prayer journal about how things have changed,
using the this summer as an example. Sing or listen to the song 10,000 Reasons
as you work through it if you need inspiration


Hold each others hands
and say “I’m here to walk with you through the past, present and future.”



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