Put a Candle in the window for Democracy.

Dear Friends, the violence that has taken place in our nation’s capital has spawned feelings of fear and vulnerability.  It is a very sad day in the history of our country.  It is a wakeup call for all of us to work together. I am convinced that we as a nation will rise above this and I invite you to join me in a prayer vigil for our elected leaders as they grapple with these unprecedented events.  I suggest you light a candle and place it in a window, making sure nothing around it is combustible, and pray; then pray each time you notice the candle.
Your prayer can be as simple as, “O Lord, hear our prayer” or you can offer the following:
“Loving God, thank you for democracy, help us to use it with wisdom. Guide our elected leaders to protect the sanctity of good government. Grant wisdom and safety for all working to establish order. Help us to envision a peaceful government for all. Amen.”
Pastor Glenn Seefeldt     
Pastor Ben Schori             
Donna Steinwand, Congregation President
If you would like assistance in processing your thoughts and emotions in regard to the violence of January 6, Pastor Glenn can be contacted at gseefeldt@nativitychurch.org  and Pastor Ben can be contacted at Ben@nativitychurch.org.