Next Steps for Nativity’s Transition—Where Is God Leading Us?


Nativity’s Transition Team will host “Listening Sessions” over the next several weeks to think about our future together. We invite everyone in the congregation to share their thoughts in one of several group sessions and/or through an online survey. Hearing from you is an important next step in understanding and affirming the direction of Nativity.

The team is looking for feedback on priorities you consider important for the future of Nativity, along with what type of leadership will be needed to help move Nativity forward in ministry.

As a Transition Team, we want to make it as convenient as possible for everyone to participate and share feedback. We are planning for Listening Sessions at times that will help us reach as many in the community as we can.

  • Midweek (before/after Bible study and book club meetings)
  • Evenings (around community meals, evening rehearsals, youth group meetings, and confirmation)
  • Weekends (following worship)
  • Online (Zoom meetings and a website survey)

After listening, the team will complete the Ministry Site Profile and submit it to the Minneapolis Area Synod Bishop for review and conversation as the next step in our staffing model to address Nativity’s future. Look for Listening Session dates and the online survey to be shared next week!