Living into Our RIC Commitment: New Bathroom Signage


As a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) church, Nativity is committed to welcoming, including, and celebrating LGBTQIA+ people. We have the opportunity to demonstrate this commitment and extend hospitality by ensuring our gathering spaces have clearly labeled gender-inclusive restrooms available for attendees. This can also extend hospitality to families with small children or people with physical disabilities. Nativity welcomes all people and each person’s gender identity and gender expression.

In striving to create welcoming and inclusive spaces in our church, changes needed to be made in the signage for our restrooms. First, a gender-neutral restroom has been made available near the elevator on the lower level. Who benefits from a gender-neutral restroom? People who are more comfortable in a restroom that does not have a gender specification for use. This may include gender-expansive people, nonbinary people, and really anyone who needs to use the restroom. A gender-neutral restroom can also provide a comfortable option for parents and caregivers whose children are a different gender than them and people who need assistance from caregivers who are a different gender than them.

Additionally, you will see new restroom signage for all restrooms throughout the church. New signage will help all people feel welcome to use the bathroom that best aligns with each person’s experienced gender. You may ask, what does this mean when I use the restroom? It means that all people, regardless of what assumptions we make about one’s gender, are welcome to use the restroom that best fits for them, regardless of their birth sex. For this reason, menstrual hygiene products will be available in all bathrooms.

Hospitality extends to knowing that the words we use to talk about LGBTQIA+ people and issues can have a powerful impact. If you have questions or would like to discuss the new signage, please feel free to reach out to Deacon Kyle at