Nativity Staff are “Freshening up” the Building


Some of the staff have been busy cleaning and organizing around the church. A few were caught on camera. Heather Anderson has cleaned the pew wood, cushions, and scrubbed the sanctuary floor. (No, she will not come to your house and clean.) As this photo was taken, she remarked, “I feel like Cinderella.” Michael Garrett has shampooed the carpeting, deep cleaned the kitchens, and this photo shows him painting the Fellowship Hall.

Good news for the choir: Freda Myhrwold cleaned the choir loft, and is working on painting the risers. David Livingston organized the stacks of music. Karla Reiland cleaned musical stuff and music. Sharon Damsgard inventoried closets. And, Beth Schuman worked on old computers (not sure what she did to them). So…on that glorious day when we can all return, we enter an immaculate building!

Thanks to all.