Have You Seen Nativity’s Prayer Room?


Are you looking for a private space to pray at Nativity? Would you like to explore different modes of prayer? We welcome you to use the Prayer Room located in the rear section of the Nativity office space. The room has been fully redesigned by Dr. Kelly Sherman-Conroy, Nativity’s Director of Public Ministry, to provide comfort, solace, and spiritual transformation to individuals of all ages.

The prayer room setup encourages different prayer styles, so you can choose the one that resonates with you the most—whether you prefer silent meditation, lighting candles (LED), scriptural reading, or traditional prayer.

You will also find prayer “prompt’ cards that can help gather your thoughts and allow for more focused prayer. If you crave a deeper experience, we offer audible prayers to be heard together as well. The new prayer space is open to all. Look for the sign directing you to the prayer room across the hall from the Commons kitchen.