Nativity Lutheran Scholarships


Thank you.

Last spring, I graduated from Augsburg College (now, Augsburg University) with my degree in youth & family ministry. As I look back on my time at an ELCA school I am very thankful I had and took that opportunity. My education became not just about learning information for a profession but more about discovering who I am, exploring my own and others’ faith traditions and uncovering what God is calling me to do.

The small class sizes at Augsburg provided more of an open space where each student got the opportunity to hear others and be heard more. Because I was able to openly share my thoughts and opinions, I felt more personally involved in my education and more valued as a person. Augsburg is an ELCA Lutheran school with many students who grew up in different faith traditions than my own. This created a very unique learning environment where we got to not only learn about these different faith traditions but actually engage in open conversations that were challenging and life-changing. Augsburg creates an educational experience that incorporates the whole professional, personal and spiritual being. Throughout my years at Augsburg I felt incredible growth of my whole person. This truly set me on the right path in both my professional and personal life.

Each year of college, I received a scholarship from Nativity to help alleviate some of the cost of attending a private school. This was a huge financial help and also, an encouraging action from Nativity. The scholarships were not only a gift but they were also a reminder that people were investing in me. The community I grew up in was continuing to support me and my dreams. My education was important not only to me but to others, too. Without the extra scholarships I received, a private school would not have been an option for me. So, I want to thank the community of Nativity for continuing to invest in young people beyond the walls of the building. You help us achieve who God is calling us to be and what God is calling us to do to do in this world.

-Leah McDougall