Nativity Has A Heart for the Homeless


Over the past 5 years members of our Nativity Community have very generously contributed to Lutheran Social Service Metro Homeless Youth programs through our fundraising efforts  such as Rockin Out Team Homelessness, Where Love Can Grow in, and our Teen Art Exhibit.  The result was accumulated funds of over $20,000.  To add to this, a couple months ago John Hensel and his sister, Jean, came forward and asked to make a sizeable contribution to Metro Homeless Youth.[hr]

Karen Weiberg and Gail Bergsven, leaders of the Nativity Homelessness Outreach Team and liaisons to LSS Metro Homeless Youth, met with Jen Fairbourne, Director of the LSS Metro Homeless Youth Programs and made a decision to contribute the majority of our funds to the following programs:

  • Camp Knutson….$5000 (allowing 15 youth to attend camp)
  • Groveland Food For Youth….$5000 (stipend to cover youth working at the food shelf)
  • Youth Leadership Council……$5000 (seed money to get this program started)
  • Furnishings and mattresses…$5000 ( to furnish transitional apartments)
  • Kaleidoscope Healing Arts ….$2400 (workshops dealing with trauma, stress, etc)

Thank you Nativity for caring about our youth at risk.  You have made a difference in the lives of many  young people.