Nativity Celebrates 60 Years of Grace on June 25, 2017


Nativity will celebrate its 60th anniversary on June 25!
Join us as we honor and give thanks for our charter members, and to the early families who began and supported Nativity during the decade of 1957-1967.
Events of the day:

  • At 12:00 noon in the Sanctuary of Nativity enjoy a program for everyone that remembers Nativity’s beginnings, the pastors and staff, and family and youth events.
  • After the program at noon, continue the conversation during a reception in the Commons over refreshments. Did you wear clip bow ties? A white confirmation gown? Did Pastor Richard Lofgren knock on your family’s door way back in 1957 and ask you to join Nativity? Do you remember sitting on folding chairs for years?!
  • For charter members and families of the first decade there will be a “thank you” luncheon (by invitation and RSVP) in the Fellowship Hall.