Movie Night Recap


The first Anti Racism Team (ART) Friday night movie of 2019 watched Harvest of Empire film. It was a documentary reviewing the United States relationship with Latin America, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico since our nation was formed. It was an eye opening, informative history that has present day implications for our immigration/asylum situation. Great discussion led by Nativity member Vladimir Poveda who came to USA from Nicaragua in 2006. Suggestions during discussion suggested using the word undocumented vs illegal as we deal with USA’s broken immigration system. Share the fact that asylum seekers that are “fleeing” their countries to avoid violence and have international law on their side to be processed as asylum seekers. Harvest of Empire helps one understand the history of the violence created by dictators that the USA has often helped place in power and why people are fleeing their country.
Nineteen Nativity youth watched Harvest of Empire the following Sunday! We have embedded the video below for your convenience.

Limited copies of DVD will be at welcome desk.
Next film in this series will be Friday, March 15 at 6:30 showing Immigration Battle.  It looks at how the immigration battle is fought and discussed behind closed doors in Congress.