MLK DAY Resources


MLK Day provides us with the opportunity to learn more about ourselves as a nation and community and challenges us to seek ways to be better.

Nativity’s Social Justice & Advocacy for Children, Youth, and Family Ministry has made a commitment to center conversations and learning opportunities for all ages, by placing the voices and stories of those who are most impacted by racism.  Teaching and learning together how to be culturally responsive.

In this spirit of the work we have done, we honor the story of Dr. King and how he has inspired so many to step up and speak up for change.

Dr. King’s three keys to a more equitable society 

Dr. King began sharing his understanding of how global policies and domestic policies (like Jim Crow) are inextricably linked, with both carrying the same messages of economic oppression, war, and racism. Only through addressing the root causes behind these three areas, and his belief that oppressed people can change systems and institutions that hold racism, poverty, and militarism, can real equity and justice be obtained for all.

This is the real dream and one that can still be achieved today. 

We invite you to explore Dr. King’s story, his dream, and how it connects to our current-day struggles and triumphs.  The resources are broken down by age range and where one might feel they fall on the racial identity continuum.

Watch this amazing Multigenerational Virtual MLK Day Event.  Hear inspirational words, music and reflections as we come together to remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   CLICK HERE