Mental Health Resources for CYF


Addressing the mental health needs of children is the responsibility of all community members. Children and youth learn from their parents, caregivers, family members, teachers, doctors – the adults they are taught to respect and rely on. In these roles, we impact how children and youth think about and care for their own mental health and how they treat others who have mental health challenges. We have our work cut out for us. Here are some resources that can help you in this journey.

Family Mental Health Activity Calendar

This calendar has been created to help families daily with simple but impactful mental health activities. Mental Health Awareness Calendar 2021 CYF

PreK and Elementary Age Activities

Creative ways to talk to children about mental health. Pre-k and Elementary Mental Health Workbook

This activity helps children pay attention to their bodies and learn how they feel and how to calm down. Breathing Wands for Mental Health

This activity will guide children in using assertive pro-social statements when they interact with others. Useful if conflicts occur with other children. Assertive Statements Activity

This activity helps children identify various coping strategies when feeling stressed. Coping Skills Bookmark

Middle and High School Age Activities and Worksheets

This is an activity for 2-3 students to aid in discussion about mental health. Mental Health Stigma for MS & HS

An independent activity that focuses on gratitude and positivity in the life of your Middle Schooler or High Schooler. Gratitude Activity for MS & HS

An activity for High Schoolers about food and healing! Mindful Eating for HS

What if you could help give an idea how your MS or HS can find ways to calm in the midst of stress when they are on the go?  This activity will help. Calming Phone Images for MS & HS

Videos about Mental Health

Talking Mental Health

Mental Illness Education for Kids

Understanding Your Feelings

Break the Stigma of Mental Health

Ellie’s Depression

Additional Resources

28 Mental Health Activities and Books for Adults and Students

44 Children’s Books About Mental Health

National Organizations for Mental Health (VERY USEFUL)