March Shark Madness was a hit! 


A group of 30 or so gathered early evening, eager to bond, connect, and offer a world of support. Or more accurately, a team. Nativity members and Thrivent investors came together for the second annual Shark Tank television show inspired fundraising event.

Teams, groups, and individuals presented projects, events, missions, and fundraisers all hoping to be selected as a future recipient of a $250 Thrivent Action Team grant. The Thrivent members for their part reciprocated by waving their shark clad paddles in the crowd, smiling and carrying on as they shouted their support for these inspiring people and pledging their Action Team dollars to their causes.

Over $7,000 was pledged and the work is only beginning. The Nativity Community Outreach Teams, with their soon to be funds in hand, have a slew of projects that will be carried out over the next few months. There are educational events on recycling, community gardens and community meals, mental health training for youth and families, parenting classes, and mission trip bonding opportunities for those embarking on life changing adventures. Just to name a few.

Never forget, with all the love in the world, Nativity gives. Our community gives our selves, our time, and our possessions. There are so many wonderful projects and missions that are still in need of funding and support.

If you are a Thrivent Investor with Action Team dollars to spend, consider Nativity and its network of volunteers, program managers, and community advocates. Contact us and we will do the rest.

If you are a Nativity member looking to spread the love by working on a service project, program or mission that is in line with your passion and talents, please reach out to us and we will connect you with a leader who is doing wonderful work and always looking for helping hands and open hearts.

And, if you are a Nativity member looking to stay connected and engaged, keep your antennas up for all the amazing events and programs that will be promoted, organized, and supported by Nativity members like you, the inspired Nativity Community Outreach Teams, and other loved filled community members and beyond.

In wonderful blessings, with warm regards,

Kyle Soderberg
Coordinator of Community Partnerships
C: 612.388.7135