Making Sense of Our Emotions


I am generally aware of my feelings and emotions, but not always especially when I am in my “taking care of business mode”.  You know, the beware man on a mission disposition. My wife helps me pay attention to my emotions.  On Tuesday last week she asked, “Are you aware that you are really crabby?” I replied “What me? Crabby?  I was crabby but I was so focused on the work I needed to do, I did not take time to give voice to the tension and the stress I was feeling due to the changes that were needed as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

In our reading from Mark 13:1-8, Jesus is in Jerusalem and tells his disciples that unwelcome changes will come and they can be ready. Explaining that even the seemingly indestructible temple will come tumbling down.  He then explains what they can do when life changes and life is difficult.

In my message, as part of our worship online I will talk about finding meaning and hope when life is difficult and how we can make sense of our emotions as we deal with life changes related to the Covid 19 pandemic. .

Join me for worship online, live stream on Saturday March 28, 5:30 pm and Sunday March 29 10:30 am. To hear more. You also can connect anytime at  You can view our sermon archive to view and listen to my message after Saturday night.