Luther Park – Thoughts from a Counselor


Greta Delaune,

This past summer looked different for everyone, including the staff at Luther Park. While we were unable to meet as a large group, the staff community was able to create something equally special for counselors and campers alike. Through weeks of hand-picking Bible verses, revamping camp games, recording (and rerecording) the beloved ‘Never Ending Love Song,’ and curating a variety of s’mores recipes, the staff had a blast developing the Camp-in-a-Box experience.
It being my first year on staff, I was thrilled to be able to join others and develop a community within these new relationships. Our group quickly hit it off through pontoon rides, early-morning devos, and even through the cleaning of communal spaces. As a staff we were split between camp maintenance, program development, and administrative duties, but we always ended the day in each other’s company. Throughout the summer we also took turns leading devotions, learning about the Enneagram, and wrestling with our faiths. As we all came from different walks of life, we learned from each other another through guided questions and conversation. These experiences deepened my faith as I learned that there can be space for confusion, doubt, and questioning of biblical language and practices. When conversing with the campers over Zoom, I was overwhelmed with joy as Bible studies and craft time became the highlight of both the campers and the counselors’ days. The wisdom and delight that the campers shared with the counselors is something I will cherish forever. While Luther Park surely looked and continues to look different from previous years, its message, comfort, and spirit continue to prevail.