International Day for The Elimination of Racial Discrimination


International Day for The Elimination of Racial Discrimination

March 21, 2022

We reject all forms of racism, discrimination, and hatred on this International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Although we’ve made some gains in fighting systemic racism and injustice in the U.S. and around the world, too many people still face discrimination and hate as a result of their skin color, their background, or their faith. Here at Nativity, we reaffirm our commitment to creating a world where everyone has an equitable and fair opportunity to succeed.

Creating a fair, equal, and inclusive society takes a lot of work. Indigenous Peoples, Black & Brown Peoples, as well as other racialized and marginalized groups, have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID19 pandemic.

Join us today in saying a prayer for Racial Justice.

Prayer for Racial Justice

Save us, O God, from ourselves,
from racism often cloaked in pious words,
from the machinations of white supremacy hidden in calls for civility,
from micro aggressions thinly veiled in arrogance,
from apologies when they don’t give way to action,
from forgiveness without facing the truth,
from reconciliation without reparation.
Deliver us, O God, from expecting siblings of color to continue to bear this emotional work, which is not theirs to do.
Grateful for the long arc that bends toward justice, we pray:
Grant us wisdom,
give us courage for the facing of these days,
by the power of the Spirit, all for the sake of the kin-dom that we share in Christ Jesus.
O God of all, with wonderful diversity of languages and cultures you created all people in your own image. Free us from prejudice and fear, that we may see your face in the faces of our Asian siblings and people around the world; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.
(Adapted from Evangelical Lutheran Worship Occasional Services for the Assembly, p.398)
(From ELCA “Prayers, Litanies, and Laments for the Commemoration of the Emanuel Nine”…/Prayers_Litanies_Laments…)
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Kelly Sherman-Conroy