Family Faith Formation – July 25 & 26


Family Faith Formation – July 25 & 26

Holy Moly! Lydia

Join us each week as a family to have fun together with some of God’s great stories. We’re starting diving into July with stories of strong Godly women!

Start by picking a welcome video from Miss Leah or Miss Renee

Worship Together

Make the sign of the cross (Touch forehead, then heart. Touch one shoulder, then the other.) As you make the cross say, “Love God, Love Neighbor”

  • If you are able, light a candle to remind yourselves that Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus is with you, and Jesus is in you. Let your light shine!


How will you make an offering today?


School Age: Thank you, God:  Name three things you are thankful for today. 

Littles: Sing your favorite camp songs or favorites from our videos 

Holy Moly! Family Movie Time

Sharing and Discussion

Lydia was a merchant who made purple cloth. What are some of your favorite purple things?

Why do you think Lydia and her friends had gathered near the river? There was not much of a Jewish or Christian community at Philippi, so there was no temple where they could worship, talk, and pray together. Rivers were also seen as a place where you could purify yourself. Would you like to pray or worship by the river? What other places would you like to pray or worship?

Read the Bible Together

School Age Kids: Acts 16:13-15

Littles: Spark Story Bible page 306 or Frolic Preschool Bible page 64

Digging deeper:

How many bible stories can you think of that involve a river? See how many you and your family can come up with on your own. Use your Bible if you get stuck!

Family Activities

Activity: Lydia’s Lavender Bath Salts Three words come to mind when I think of Lydia: purple, water and hospitality! If you picked up a July Faith Formation kit, you can use your lavender bath salts in your next bath or as a delightful foot soak. Add purple flower petals for something extra special. If you did not pick up a kit, see what purple things you can find, and create a piece of art or nature art.

Have a PURPLE Party! Did you know that the color purple is for royalty? Who in your family could use the “royal treatment”? Find as many purple things you can and throw a little party for them. Tell them why they are special to you.

Click HERE more Family Activities and Coloring Pages!

Bless Each Other

Give each other a hug and say “You are always welcome in my arms” to each other!