Fall Family Faith Formation – Nov 26


Fall Family Faith Formation – Nov 26

Join us each week this Fall as a family to celebrate God wonderful promises for us!

Pick from watching our Welcome Videos, Worship Together, Reading the Bible, Talk About It, Family Activities, Pray Together and Bless Each Other – or do them all!

Welcome Video

Enjoy a blast from the blast with Ms Leah!

Worship Together

Share in some faith practices of worship together!

Shine a Light: Light a candle saying, “Jesus is the light of the world.”

Sing or Say Together: Say or sing- “An angel told Mary, “Good news! Good news!” She would have a baby. Good news! Good news! She would name him Jesus. Good news! Good news! He would show God’s love. Good news! Good news!

  • Make an Offering: How can you share an offering this week? The Faith Formation classes are donating to ELCA Good Gifts. Anyone can give at goodgifts.elca.org to help someone in need receive clean water, a fruit tree, a farm animal, school supplies, etc.
  • Lord’s Prayer: In Grades 1-4 Faith Formation, we practice praying as Jesus taught us.

Read the Bible Together

Read this week’s God’s Great Story in the children’s Bible for your child’s age.

Jeremiah 1:4-8; 33:14-16 / Luke 1:28-33 
Spark Story Bible (only in old version, click here to view pages)

Talk About It!

Have fun asking question for all your family members!

With grateful hearts, we move beyond Thanksgiving and begin to prepare for Christmas. In the church, we call this the season of Advent. Here is my favorite way to explain Advent: “Advent means to wait. Get ready. It’s coming. Something special’s coming. Don’t let down your guard. Jesus as a baby, amazing! It happened! Born inside a stable in someone’s backyard. Candles waiting in a wreath. Gather ‘round with family. Count your blessings, one by one. Christmastime is soon to come!”

Advent doesn’t officially start until next week, but we can have fun preparing to prepare 🙂 In our story today, Jeremiah tries to help God’s people to prepare to prepare for Jesus to come. What things do you do to prepare for Christmas? Do you have an Advent Wreath with candles? Do you have special activities that you do with your family to get ready for Christmas? Do you know what blessings are? Go find out!

Dig Deeper: Today’s reading is of God’s idea of a peaceful world. Where do you see peace that you can be thankful for? Where have you made peace for others to be thankful for?

Family Activity Choices

Pick activities to do together with supplies you have around your house!

Activity 1: Click HERE Family Activity Worksheets and Coloring Pages!

Activity 2: Advent Wreath Decorating Contest! This year we are going to invite families to have some fun decorating their Advent Wreath and share the pictures and stories with each other! Get a head start by thinking of ideas. If you have supplies we’ve delivered from previous years, pull those out and get started. We’ll have sets of wood board and candles for new families and those that needs replacements next weekend. Here’s a fun pic to get the ideas started!


Pray Together

“Dear God, thank you for the season of Advent. Help us to feel hope, peace, joy and love as we get ready to celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas.”

Bless Each Other

At the end of your time, give each other a special blessing to remember one of God’s promises.

Give each other a HUGE hug and say “I’m thankful for you!”