FAITH AT HOME for Families of Littles – May 23 & 24



Join Miss Renee & Evan as we celebrate Jesus going up up up in the clouds on Ascension Day!

Music Time

“Up UP UP” (Evan helped me write it!)

He went up up up into the sky one day

But His love love love is in our hearts to say x2

Alleluia Alleluia x2

Story Time

Read “Ascension” in the Spark Story Bible on page 498

Story Playtime!

40 days after Easter, Jesus goes up to be with God in heaven. We celebrate that on Ascension Day, which was Thursday this past week. And even though He’s not here with us in person, His love is always with us in our hearts.

What things can you think of that go up up up in the sky?

Have some fun acting out the story by making Jesus go up up up!

Print the color page of our Spark Story Bible Jesus and tape it to a balloon or rocket or kite to make Him go up up up! (We used label paper to make it like a sticker.)

Click HERE for Jesus Coloring Page and Family Activities

Families with Babies & Toddlers

We’ve run out of stories in the Frolic Bible for the year, so enjoy one of our Frolic Story Books “God Made Feelings” that reminds us that it’s ok to share all our feelings with those we love.

If you’d like a copy of this book, we’d love to send you one! Email us at

Click HERE to download color & activity sheets! 

Pray Together

Dear God,
Thank you for making feelings, faces, and friends,
And for giving us your love that never ends!

Bless Each Other

Touch each other’s hearts

Say “Jesus’ love is in your heart to stay”