FAITH AT HOME for Families of Littles – March 22


Love and Joy Are All Around Us! 

Hello friends! Evan and I made a little video of circle time for our class. Check it out here to sign some old and new songs with us!  

Music Time

Sing “Hello, Hello” 

“It’s Good to Give Thanks To the Lord ” 

“Pass the Basket Offering “

“The Joy of the Lord”

Story Time

Read “The Greatest Commandment” chapter of the Spark Story Bible on pg 158 

Or Watch this video of Psalm 46 – Don’t forget to look for Squiggles! 

Story Playtime!

Families with Toddlers to Kindergartners 

Download the Take Home Family Page and pick an activity to do together 

There’s LOTS to choose from! 

Families with Babies and Toddlers 

Read the Jesus Blesses Children pages in your Frolic Bible

Download the Frolic Family Mini Lesson for activities together

Pray Together

Kids Version of St. Patrick’s Prayer 

in honor of St. Patrick’s Day this week 

(Stand up) 

God above me (stretch arms up)

God below me (stretch down to reach the floor) 

God beside me (wave arms at the side) 

God all around me (spin around in a circle with arms out) 


Bless Each Other

Give each other a hug

Say “I love you and God does too!”