Why Worship Proposals?


Worship Proposals can increase Nativity’s impact for the Community during worship. Engaging with the community to influence the flow and feel of worship can be moving and powerful. And for it to be effective, it has to be done intentionally.


When a Worship Proposal is submitted, Nativity’s Worship Team will review the proposal and will be in touch with the proposal’s author in a reasonable amount of time. They may be in touch with follow up questions, points of clarity, opportunities of further engagement, or reasons why the proposal is not a good fit for worship as it currently is written or proposed.


Date Submitted
In relation to this prospective mission partner, the Liaison identified here will be responsible for all coordination with Nativity staff.
Please try to be brief. Examples include a guest Preacher, a guest Speaker in worship, or a special announcement such as a video or presentation.
Please try to be brief. Examples include raising awareness of a specific initiative, endeavor, partnership, or event.
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