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Thank You from the Dragonfly Project!

The Dragonfly Project’s mission is to provide a message of hope to those who are grieving. Each condolence card sent comes with a dragonfly keychain. From Julie Bonde: Thank you to everyone who helped last weekend. We started small and grew as the weekend went on. On Saturday, four people came to help and did […]


Dragonfly Project Packet Assembly Events

The Dragonfly Project’s mission is to provide a message of hope to those who are grieving. Each condolence card we send comes with a dragonfly keychain. We will be assembling keychains and stuffing envelopes the weekend of July 30 and 31 at the following times around the worship hours. Dragonfly Packet Assembly Event: Saturday, July 30, […]


Grief Speaker for July MHC Meeting

For this month’s Mental Health Connect Ambassador Meeting, we welcome Carolyn Kinzel, President and Founder of Brighter Days Family Grief Center. Brighter Days is an unparalleled family-focused grief center serving Minnesota families since 2017. As the only nonprofit Family Grief Center in Minnesota, Brighter Days provides free grief support resources, programs and services for youth, […]


Book Recommendations for Mental Health Awareness Month

In this Mental Health Awareness Month, we can all take up the challenge to learn more about mental health. Nativity ambassadors for Mental Health Connect have assembled a list of recommended books covering various mental health topics, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, addiction, trauma, self-sabotage, therapy, acceptance, and happiness. SUGGESTED READINGS Books to Begin […]


Stories of Hope: Mental Health Connect Fundraiser Event

Nativity partners with Mental Health Connect (MHC), a collaborative of faith-based communities working together to support community-based resources, provide support and education, improve access to mental health services, and connect individuals and families with the services they need. Together we can be part of the solution. Join us for “Stories of Hope,” this year’s Mental […]


Healthy Family Life

May is Mental Health Awareness month, and this month’s Mental Health Connect meeting covers families: “From Family Anxieties & Challenges to Family Opportunities & Hope.” Michelene Verlautz, a Pastor and Certified Family Mediator, will discuss family as an emotional system and provide practical approaches to healthy family life. Join us via Zoom on Thursday, May […]


Growing through Loss Series

Nativity partners with Growing through Loss, a six-week series that provides information and support for a variety of grief situations, such as loss of spouse, child, parent, friend, sibling, divorce, suicide survivor, and transitional loss. Each session begins with a presentation on some aspect of grief. Then people are placed into facilitated peer support groups […]


Mental Health Connect Annual Fundraiser

Please save the date for Mental Health Connect’s annual fundraiser on May 12, from 8:30-9:30 a.m. This year’s theme will be “Stories of Hope: Apart but Never Alone.”


Mental Health Connect’s Annual Fundraiser

Please “save the date” for Mental Health Connect’s annual fundraiser on May 12, from 8:30-9:30 a.m. This year’s theme will be Stories of Hope: Apart but Never Alone.


MHC April Connect & Communicate Meeting

Get educated about the opioid epidemic. Drug companies are making financial settlements, but the opioid epidemic rages on. Colleen Ronnei, Founder and Executive Director of Change the Outcome, will present a 45-minute documentary: “Change the Outcome” about the opioid epidemic and will answer your questions about this crisis. Informative for all ages, especially young people […]