Betsy Warren – Class of 2022


Betsy Warren is graduating from South High Minneapolis.

What are you looking forward to after graduation?

I’m most looking forward to all the new connections I’m going to make and all the new experiences I’ll have, really excited to study abroad, go to dances, and simply getting to continue trying new things and take classes that excite me.

What advice would you give your 9th grade self?

Babe, it’s all going to work out, I know there’s a lot of information flying at you and a lot of things are going to change throughout your journey but it will all end up as intended . never lose that part of you that turns the music up right before you dance, or the part of you that smiles up into the rain, or the part of you that doodles on the corners of all your notebooks, because those little parts of you keep you sparkly, and being sparkly keeps you going. that’s not to say there won’t be hard days, oh there will be hard days, days when you forget what it’s like to be sparkly but trust me when I say no matter how hard you fall down, or how far, you will always pick yourself back up. that I can assure you. all in all, the universe wouldn’t give you anything you can’t handle so keep your head up 🙂 I love you, you’re going to make amazing memories.

What would your prayer request be from Nativity?

For me? I would say just some loving support on this next chapter of my life, it’s very exciting but also a bit daunting. the idea of being away from my family who I love more than I can express for such an extended period of time is tough to say the least. I don’t want to miss out on all these milestones in my little brothers life yet I know this is the path for me. some loving support would be appreciated.