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What music or song best represents your feeling right now? or If your mood could be represented by music right now, what would it be? You can answer this with a song, or perhaps a certain type of instrument describes your feelings, or maybe a musician? Example: I am feeling like a flute.  Happy but sometimes feeling like I’m moving too fast because a flute to me the sound is light and happy but oftentimes I think of flute music being very rapid and quick.


We would like you to try and check-in with your small group and leader.  If your small group leader has not reached out, please try and connect with them.  When you find a date and time and would like to meet online as a small group, contact Kelly and she will give you an invite to use ZOOM to check-in through a video chat with each other!


Here is the song for this week. John Mayer describes feeling treated poorly by leaders and disagrees with the viewpoint that his generation is regarded as standing for nothing. He describes the heavy burden of working to change an unfair system that controls the flow of information. (Hey, nothing worth fighting for is easy!) Rather than getting angry and impatient enough to change the world now, he takes the approach that one day his generation will be in charge.

Consider the following questions below once you are done listening to the song.

“Waiting on the World to Change” By John Mayer


If you were in charge of creating change in the world, how would you do it?

Thinking about where you live, what have your heard that youth your age are doing to help their community?



Be a Caring Superhero by writing letters or drawing pictures for residents who are in quarantine at a local Elder Care Facility and letters for elders from Nativity  as well. Be a Caring Superhero and send some cheer!  

Contact our Minister of Social Justice & Advocacy- Kelly Sherman-Conroy and let her know you would like to help. She will connect you with a name(s) of a person(s) you will write to for 4 weeks. 

You have two choices:

    1.  Receiving a packet in the mail of stamped envelopes with instructions how to return your message of love and caring.
    2. Scanning and emailing your drawings and letters to be emailed to the facility to hand out. Instructions will be included.

Let Kelly know how many names you would like to have to write to.  We have a lot of people that can use some cheer and will be adding more names.

Happy Heart Window Hunt

All it takes to be a part of this Act of Kindness mission is paper, scissors, and tape to display hearts in windows and doors. Some people have written messages of hope with their heart displays as well as other shapes like flowers, or animals.  Get your neighbors in on the fun!

Take a picture and share on our facebook page or email it to Kelly!