Each week you will find resources to help create inspiration for doing social justice and advocacy at home.

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Children, Youth & Families

During this time where we find ourselves at home and unable to go places, how do we continue to do good within our communities and help each other? This series in Caring for Creation will bring suggestions and other resources to keep learning and helping from home.


Jesus tells this story of the Good Samaritan to teach us what it means to love our neighbor. This week’s story helps us to learn to be a caring superhero!

Scripture: Use your Spark Bible, Adventure Bible, or regular Bible to look up these stories (if you do not have a bible, please reach out to and we will send you one.

Spark Bible- The Good Samaritan 

Adventure Bible or Regular Bible- Luke 10:25-37

Questions to ask after reading:

  1. Did you do something kind or make someone smile?
  2. Who was kind to you or made you smile?

Who is your community?

Now let’s think about who you are helping and why. Draw a small circle.  This is YOU. Now draw a larger circle around you (the small circle). Who are people you are kind to? (mom, dad, grandma, teacher…) Write their names.  This is the group of people we think about a lot or care about and do kind things for most often.  

Draw a bigger circle around this one. Write down people you and your family connect with like (Pastors, clerk at store, postal worker, Dr. It is important to remember or be kind to people outside this circle. .  Who else can you be kind to and make smile? Write their names

Making more people smile because of being kind can make us smile.

Advocacy @ Home – Week 2

Did you know that our community has needs right now that you can help with?  Now is the time to become a Caring Superhero!


  1. Tell a joke and make someone laugh!
  2. Clear your own dishes from eating. Surprise your family and do theirs too!
  3. Say something nice to each person in your house for 7 days.
  4. Paint kindness rocks with encouraging messages and set them around your neighborhood.
  5. Leave a note on the bathroom mirror that says “YOU ARE LOVED” so everyone can see.


As the Coronavirus continues to spread, many of us are facing the new realities that come with sheltering in place. It’s a difficult time. It’s also the perfect time to help those in our communities who are most at risk: the elderly and vulnerable and essential healthcare workers on the front lines of caring for us all. Here’s how you can help now.


We are looking for Caring Superheroes to write letters or draw pictures for residents who are in quarantine lockdown at a local Elder Care Facility.  They are unable to have visitors or leave their rooms and could use some cheer!  

Contact our Minister of Social Justice & Advocacy- Kelly Sherman-Conroy and let her know you would like to help. She will connect you with a name(s) of a person(s) you will write to for 4 weeks. 

1 – You have two choices:

Receiving a packet in the mail of stamped envelopes with instructions how to return your message of love and caring.

Scanning and emailing your drawings and letters to be emailed to the facility to hand out. Instructions will be included.

2 – Let Kelly know how many names you would like to have to write to.  We have a lot of people that can use some cheer and will be adding more names.


Today you are going to do “LOVE PRAYERS.”  

Take your hand and make a heart together with your thumb and your finger next to your thumb and create a mini-heart. (see image) And say this prayer:

God bless all those I love.
God bless all those that love me.
God bless all those that love those who love me.
God bless all those you love.
Help me say a message of love today
And always.  AMEN (when you are done)