Adult Enrichment and Faith Formation – “Light” March 23


Welcome to our new way of sharing the wisdom of the scriptures and each other!

  • I ask that all of you pause with me to be in prayer for our world as we face this pandemic crisis. Also pray for specific people and situations.
  • This week’s study is on the word “light.” (Our new participant, Lorna Jones, gave me this idea.)
  • Please slowly read the following scripture passage: Matthew 5:14-16. Extra commentary: Lamps were made of clay and burned olive oil. The common people of the time turned over a bushel and put the lamp on top. More wealthy people used a pillar or a tripod. To view the lamps of Jesus time:  type in your search engine, “lamps in Jesus time.”
  • Read John 8:12
  • Read Matthew 11:28-30. Those of you who were raised on farms understand the meaning of yoke. For us “city folks,” a yolk is the yellow blob in the center of an egg. So, I include the definition of yoke: “a crosspiece that is fastened over the necks of two animals and attached to the plow or cart that they are to pull.”

Suggested Reflections:

  1. In the Matthew, chapter 5 passage: How have you been a light to those around you during this difficult time? How have others been a light?
  2. In the John chapter 8 passage, light brings the promise of Jesus. As you slowly read this passage three times, what feelings or thoughts come to you?
  3. In the Matthew 11 passage, light has another meaning. Light means the relieving of a load. Is there a particular phrase that has meaning for you? (from Pat: I like “you will find rest.” It always causes me to stop and take a few breaths and relax.) Do you have other comments about this passage? (from Pat: I have to be honest and say that this has never been one of my favorite passages. Once I understood the yoke part, I couldn’t see myself that restricted. I guess I took it too literally, and I like my independence.)
Stay healthy, pray, laugh, and help one another.