2nd Draft Pride Outreach Team

The Pride Outreach Team, in keeping with Nativity’s RIC commitment, supports and advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community in our congregation and beyond. We work for the loving welcome and full inclusion of our LGBTQIA+ siblings in Christ within the church and take action toward expanding justice, equity, and acceptance everywhere.

Nativity is a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation. We aspire to be an inclusive community of faith that loves and accepts people of every race & culture, age & ability, family structure & economic status, and every sexual orientation, gender identity, & gender expression. We love and accept you as you are, wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

Freed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and called to love God and one another, we commit to serving and advocating for those who are marginalized and oppressed, striving for racial equity and wealth equality, and caring for this planet we all share. We will not do this work perfectly. We will fall short and fail at times. And so, we humbly commit, as well, to the holy work of listening, learning, repentance, and growing together. In this way, we live into our identity as followers of Jesus, constantly rising to new life by the grace of God. ​

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The Dragonfly Project


In 2022, Nativity Council passed the resolution that Nativity Lutheran Church become a Reconciling in Christ Congregation. The Nativity community celebrates this important step and gratefully continues the work of welcoming, including, celebrating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people in this faith community and in the greater church. The Nativity Pride Outreach Team now leads the effort to continue this commitment. You can learn more about the RIC Program and ReconcilingWorks at reconcilingworks.org.


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