Nativity Community Outreach Toolkit

Please enjoy using the following links for reservations, volunteers, fundraising requests, and building use.

If you would like to work directly with a Nativity representative, contact:

  • Kyle Soderberg, Coordinator of Community Outreach & Volunteerism @ 612-388-7135, Kyle@NativityChurch.Org

Step 1-3  of Event Planning (In any Order):

Outreach Team Marketing Request Form

  • Examples include the need to advertise something

Building Use Reservation Form

  • Examples include the need to reserve a room or a table in the commons

Volunteer Request Form

  • Examples include the need for volunteers

Step 4 of Event Planning:

Event Recap for Marketing/Communication Form

  • Examples include wanting people to share in the celebration of your event

Special Requests:

Community Engagement – Worship Proposal

Outreach Ministry Annual Planning, Engagement, & Recruitment:

Purpose and Plans Document

  • Examples include your Ministry Group’s annual plan

Mini- Position Description(s)

    • Examples include your Ministries need for Members at Large or a Ministry Lead