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Got Bounce?

In the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress- do you feel like you break? Or do you bounce?  The ability to bounce without breaking, or to adapt is resilience.   Dr. Foster Cole, Licensed Psychologist and Nativity member  presents, “Got Bounce? Resilience for Teens and Adults”.  You are also invited to download […]


Love Languages…of our Kids and Ourselves​

As part of our Toolbox series Brian Bradway  presents, “Love Languages…of our Kids and Ourselves​”. Handouts: Children – Five Love Languages Examples Acts of Service Love Language Gift Giving Love Language Physical Touch Love Language Quality Time Love Language Words of Affirmation Love Language How to Speak Your Partners Love Language


Toolbox – “Self Care, Isn’t Selfish”

Join us for a new series that aims to equip parents to model faith for children. Helping children to have a meaningful faith life can be challenging. This isn’t something you have to “DIY.” How can parents feel more equipped and empowered as models of faith for children? TOOLBOX is a new parenting faith formation class […]