How Can I Help?

  • Pray! For medical staff; front-line workers and essential personnel (grocery clerks, delivery people, child care workers, etc.); those who are sick, suffering and scared; for people experiencing job loss or reduced income; for parents juggling kids at home; for medical resources to be sufficient (respirators, ICU beds, personal protective equipment (PPE)); the development of tests and antivirals, and for a vaccine to be developed as quickly as possible.
  • Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors–especially the elderly. Consider helping them if you can.
  • Make a financial contribution to Nativity. Only 40% of our donations are made online, so we are experiencing a downturn in funding during this time when we cannot meet together.
  • To get connected with our Mission Partners serving vulnerable populations, such as Meals on Wheels NE,  Little Kitchen Food Shelf, and others, contact:
  • Make a financial or in-kind contribution to one of our partner organizations or contribute to one of our Outreach efforts. For more information contact:
  • Donate blood to combat a blood shortage:

Check out Nativity’s latest projects to serve Homeless Teens and Front-Line Workers and how you may want to get involved.

Introduction To Our Community Stories

Kelly Sherman-Conroy and Kyle Soderberg give some background on Social Justice and Advocacy for Children Youth and Families and the Nativity Community Outreach Teams and invite leaders from both to tell their stories. Join us, for the journey. “As… one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor, service activities offer an opportunity […]