Nativity Community Outreach Teams Update


Outreach Leaders & Ministers,

Thank you for your continued faith, generous spirits, and compassionate hearts.
I hope you, your family, and friends find comfort and support in the love you share.
We also appreciate and love you at Nativity and want to make sure we keep it flowing!
During these uncertain times, let’s find solace in each other by staying connected.
Let’s creatively work together, using our resources, to stay in touch, chat often, hang out digitally, share messages, and collectively dream towards the future!
Let’s continue to hold our meetings, gather, and collaborate through technology in trying to address some of the questions we face.
Such as, how do we use this unique time as an opportunity for innovation, adaptation, and discernment? How do we continue our ministries? Or, how do we shift their focus to meet the needs of the present situation?
Take some time, check in with yourself, and see how you feel called. And, make sure you are practicing self-care, self-love, and self-compassion.
As we adjust to this new normal, I will be striving to have as many resources as possible posted to our website, assisting you in staying connected and continuing your call. You may see my smiling face from time to time as I post videos on technology, ministry ideas, and self-care tips.
As you hear from me, feel free to reach out in-kind. Call me, text me, email me, zoom me, or more!
I’d love to hear your ideas as this unfolds! Or, if even if you just want to chat, I’m here and available!

Much Love and Much Support,
Kyle Soderberg
Deacon Intern &
Facilitator of Community Engagement
C: 612.388.7135