Of course we care, but it’s still important to recognize, honor, and celebrate the wonderful efforts of our community!

And as such, we would like to take the time to highlight just a few of the wonderful ministries at Nativity, still serving those at the margins during these extraordinary times.

It wasn’t long after the Pandemic hit that Outreach Leaders Gail & Karen began a plan of action to reach those on the margins. They both have long roots in supporting people experiencing homelessness, especially teens and youth. They knew, in their hearts, that their ministry would continue. Harnessing their relationship with long-standing mission partners, LSS Metro Homeless Youth and Safe House Shelter for Homeless Teens, they creatively put their plan into action.

Every Friday from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. you’ll find Gail and Karen in the Nativity Parking lot sitting in their car with their trunk open, accepting groceries and individually packed items such as snacks, beverages, ramen soup cups, granola bars, bakery goods, fruit, and puzzles. Shortly after, they will drive off to deliver these goods to Safe House through a no contact drop off. And the teens are thankful!

“Without these donations, we would be sooooo bored and please tell the people at Nativity thank you! It makes us feel good that someone cares.” Nativity continues to care.

We have made 5, no-contact deliveries to Safe House on Fridays, so far. Our Community has generously donated many groceries and paper products, funds for Netflix subscriptions, X-box games, magazine subscriptions, and other necessities for at-risk teens. We are so grateful for this community, for their love, and for wonderful people like the Lyon family, pictured below making a donation.

Gail and Karen continue to be at Nativity every Friday, in the parking lot from 1-2 pm, accepting and delivering goods on behalf of Nativity. Stop by if you would like to donate. If you would like to make a financial contribution, please do so online or send a check to Nativity with Safe House in the memo line. For questions, contact Gail at 651-329-4446.

From one ministry to another. Women in Action, a fantastic Outreach Team at Nativity, has a long tradition of being active in the community. In fact, they strive to do a service project every month. It really is a tremendous effort. And, it’s also tremendous that they continue to carry out their ministry in these extraordinary times.

It actually took Women in Action very little time to identify a need, partner with a community organization, and get to work. Women in Action, lead by Sue and Megan, collaborated with Grace from Nativity’s Hunger Team, setting up a drive, in partnership with Intertwine NE, on behalf of Street Works LLC.

(Please note, this photo was taken before the MN Stay at Home Order. Social distancing and non-contact drop offs are now in place)

Believe it or not but Street Works also serves homeless youth. I believe it because Nativity has a heart for those experiencing homelessness! Because of your big hearts and the generosity of others, Street Works has been inundated with grocery store and gas station gift cards, especially important for those teens living in cars, travel size shampoo, conditioner, lotion, dental supplies, feminine products, Kleenex, men’s and women’s socks, rain ponchos, and portable phone chargers, to name a few.

This drive is still going strong, with no end in sight. If you’d like to get involved, please keep the travel size hygiene products, new socks, new underwear, feminine products, and diapers coming! Street Work’s frontline employees are especially asking for thermoses and thermal food bags to keep food hot or cold, prepaid flip cell phones, and diapers for newborns, one-year olds, and five-year olds at this time.

It has worked really well for people to do a no contact drop off of items at Grace’s residence or order them directly to her house on behalf of Street Works. If you would like to contribute, her information is Grace Gee, 4008 Penrod Lane, St Anthony MN. 55421. There is a sign on her front door.

We have already seen some amazing people doing some amazing things! And I think, the LSS Circle at Nativity epitomizes that statement. They have a long tradition of advocating for and serving others. In fact, they often partner with Women in Action, our Homelessness and Hunger Outreach Teams, and the wonderful ladies previously mentioned, to serve at-risk youth and other vulnerable people who receive support and services from LSS MN.

So, it was no surprise to hear that Mary was all in after receiving a call from LSS, asking the Circle to join a mask making campaign. She got to work right away, rallied her people, and created a relay system of sorts to get the job done. The other half of a dynamic duo, Marcy was there with her every step of the way. The two of them, with other Circle Members, and numerous others, sewed and delivered over 150 masks in their first week!

These masks will be used by frontline LSS MN workers at group homes and other care facilities. The Circle is one part of a large effort, powered by people and their love for the community.

If you you’d like to be one of those people and join the campaign, either by sewing or donating materials such as fabric and elastic, please contact Mary,, or Marcy,

I am so grateful for this community, for the wonderful work they do, for their generosity, and for their love of neighbor. Let’s continue to lift each other up with help and support!
If you are doing something awesome in the community, literally anything at all to help, serve, connect, or advocate for others, please let me know. We would love to hear about it! And, who knows, you may just get featured in
‘Nativity Cares’.

Much Love & Respect,
Kyle Soderberg
Deacon Intern & Facilitator of Community Engagement