Mission Partner Expectations

Why Mission Partners?
(Select Non-Profit Organizations)

  • Members of the Nativity Community are provided the opportunity to learn and serve.
  • Nativity contributes to the impact of the Mission Partner and the Mission Partner increases the impact of Nativity’s Community Outreach Program.
  • A financial investment in select Non-Profits is an investment in the members of our community, here, near, and afar.


  • A Non-Profit Organization.
  • Their Mission, Vision, and Values align with Nativity’s Mission, Vision, and Values.
  • The Mission falls underneath Nativity’s Outreach umbrella.
  • There is a Mutual, Reciprocal Relationship between Nativity and the Mission Partner. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Providing opportunities for members of the Nativity Community to put their faith into action via volunteering and utilizing their gifts and passions.
    • Providing the Nativity Community opportunities for education.
    • Providing the Nativity Community opportunities for inter-generational activities.

Relationship Guidelines – Subject to Change on an Annual Basis:

  • New Mission Partners will submit Applications by January 15 of the current year.
  • Mission Partners will submit Annual Plans by January 15 of each calendar year.
  • Mission Partners will submit Annual Reports by January 15 for the prior year.
  • Nativity will provide an annual, predetermined amount of funding.
  • Mission Partners will be promoted under the Community Outreach Program.
  • An Active Liaison will represent the Mission Partner to the Nativity Community.