Mental Health Awareness Month – Mood Boosters


May is Mental Health Awareness Month

This week, Nativity Mental Health Connect is focusing on the importance of socialization & attitude!

Being connected is a proven way to keep yourself sharp and your brain engaged. Making a difference in the lives of others ultimately makes a difference in yours.

This week’s suggestions:

  1. Take a moment to really think about the passions and gifts God has given you.
  2. Now make a plan to pursue one thing that really means something to you.
  3. Looking for something different? Your city, schools, hospitals and non-profits love volunteers! You can make a difference today!
  4. Get together with friends regularly. Who have you been intending to get together with “someday soon”? Pick up the phone and call them!
  5. Focus on those things you are truly grateful for every day. Finding the positive in your life creates a sense of well-being. Think of three things you can thank God for today. Practice this

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