Love Your Neighbor


Summer trips may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean our experiences are!
This summer, students have the opportunity to join in a week of community, empowerment, and leadership.  Together we will learn more about the Queer community, the unique history of the LGBTQ, challenges that are still being faced today, and ways that we can all advocate for and with our Queer siblings.

If you sign up, you will experience:

  • A loving community that accepts you, right where you are
  • Being of service to others
  • Peers that will support you
  • Fun and fellowship with the large group
  • Daily Worship and activities so you can connect with God.

Questions we will answer:
What do all those letters and terms mean?
What is Pride?
What does the bible say?

Who is this for?
Any student who identifies with the Queer community,  anyone that cares about LGBTQ+, and anyone who is interested in learning more about the Queer community.

When is it?
August 3rd – 7th
At your home. We’ll use Zoom, Kahoots, and other shareable platforms periodically throughout the day, and provide you with a  box of tools and resources.

Is there a cost?

25$ donation per student, scholarship fully available.

Register below or contact Heather with questions.


Heather Anderson
Office 612-781-2766 (ext 1004)
Cell 651-343-8502