LENT 2020 – Put On The Robe Of Grace


LENT is a unique time of reflection before the celebration of Easter. “Put On the Robe of Grace” is our 2020 Lenten theme. The theme comes from the “prodigal son” story recorded in Luke 15:20-24.  In the story, the youngest son rebels with reckless living. Eventually realizing his poor choices and the mistakes made, he returns home willing to do anything to regain his father’s trust and love. Walking the long road to his familial home, he expects severe consequences instead he is welcomed with grace, receiving the best robe his father has, covering up his tattered and dirty clothes of a previous life.  Putting on the robe helps the son to be renewed in love, renewed in Grace.  This is our story as well for when we put on God’s Robe of Grace, we are renewed in love and the mistakes and bad habits of the past are forgiven and we find new life.  During lent we will explore the image of putting on the robe of grace, God’s Love, as a source of renewal and new life.

A big challenge for followers of Jesus is connecting with God’s grace, connecting to God’s transforming love. Faith Habits make room for God’s love to do it’s transforming work. During the six Wednesdays of Lent, six habits of faith will be explored.

Feb 26 Ash Wednesday: Pastor Glenn Seefeldt will explore the habit of prayer. Receiving an individual cross of ashes will help  in our prayer exploration and to put on the “robe of grace”.

March 4: Worship as a faith habit will be explore by Jeanne Cotter, inspirational speaker, Christian singer/songwriter,  performer, author,  resilience expert, storyteller, pianist, composer and Nativity’s interim pianist.

March 11: Reading the Bible as a faith habit will be explored by Pat Hendricks, speaker, retreat leader, spiritual director, and  Nativity’s Coordinator of Adult Enrichment, Faith Formation, and Vital Aging.

March 18: Serving and Loving Neighbor as a faith habit will be explored by Nativity’s Intern Deacon Kyle Soderberg.
Kyle’s work as Nativity’s Coordinator of Community Engagement brings a unique insight to this habit of faith. 

March 25: Spiritual Conversation as a habit of faith will be explored by Pastor Ben Schori Nativity’s Pastor of Children Youth and  Family.

April 1: Giving as a faith habit will be explored by Pastor Glenn Seefeldt, Nativity’s Senior Pastor