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Become a Sacred Partner

We are delighted that you have found Nativity Lutheran Church. You are important to this faith community. We wonder if you would be interested in taking the next step to become a Sacred Partner, as we are now calling members. You can choose to make Nativity the place where you can be deeply rooted in God and connected to others. When we choose to be the Body of Christ for one another—growing in faith, love, and service to others—we are filled with God’s fullness. Or as it says in Romans, “We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other (Romans 12:5).” We need you! We need each other!

Joining Nativity is not like joining an exclusive club with requirements, dues and benefits (well… it has its benefits.) Rather, it’s simple and the door is wide. As Sacred Partners, we journey together and support one another. As the diagram below shows, you jump into the process where it makes sense for you. Express your interest in joining, get acquainted through events, volunteering, or one-on-one meetings with pastors or staff, fill out a membership form, and then make an affirmation of baptism and faith. (Choose the service you prefer, and stand during the service, or do a private short ceremony afterwards. At this time, you express your intentions to grow in certain ways, and Nativity affirms some promises to you in a covenant agreement). Then find your place where you can make a difference and grow in your faith. We can help you navigate through all that’s going on here so that you can find the best ways to get connected.

As your faith community, the people of Nativity promise to:
Provide regular opportunities for worship and prayer,
Provide resources and opportunities for you to learn and grow in your faith,
Invite you to participate in meaningful ways,
Support you as you grow and serve so that as Sacred Partners we can help others experience the life-changing love of God.

As a SACRED PARTNER in the Community of Nativity, I desire to grow as a follower of Jesus and participate more fully in the work Jesus started. I intend to:
Worship regularly, encouraging others in their journey of faith.
I will pray and read the Bible as I am able.
I will strive to be an example of God’s love in my words and actions, serving with justice, mercy and compassion.
I will steward all that God has given me, growing in generosity, so that others can experience the life-changing love of God.

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