Kids In Grades 1 Through 4

We are always pleased to welcome new visitors and new friends to our growing community.

1st through 4th grade ministry is led by the caring team of Karla Reiland and Leah Reddy. Both Karla and Leah have children in the program and have a desire to see our children & families grow in their faith and relationships with each other.

What to expect

Faith Formation Grades 1-4 meets during worship on Saturdays at 5:30 pm, Sundays at 9:00 am, 10:30 am from Sept. to mid-May.

  • Kids begin in worship with their parents until the pastor calls the children forward for”Time with Children.” After the “Time with Children,” parents bring their kids downstairs to Room 117. We begin with a worship time, and each grade has something to do! We take an offering, sing, have a small-group prayer and then join together in the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Kids then participate in a variety of activities that support learning and encourage good faith habits. Activities include: art projects, service projects, drama, science experiments, Bible study, puppets, games, or music.
  • Parents and other adults support Faith Formation Grades 1-4 by being Faith Coaches (small group leaders) for a 1 month session during the school year. Coaches do not need to plan or lead lessons, just be a helpful adult presence.

Questions? Contact: Karla Reiland

Children’s Faith Formation Calendar

Children’s Choirs:

During the school year, Children’s Choirs (Gr. 1-6) practice Wednesday evenings, participate in worship one Sunday a month and perform Christmas and Spring Musicals. Questions? Contact: Karla Reiland

Music Makers for kids in Grade 1 – Grade 2 meets from 6:15 – 6:45pm

Music Mix for kids in Grades 3-6 meets from 7:00 – 8:00pm

Faith Milestone

Families of Faith: “Discover Communion”

“Discover Communion”

A series of classes that explore how Jesus changed the Passover meal, or Last Supper, to give us Holy Communion. Drama, games, matzo baking and crafts culminate in a Seder Meal for Christians, followed by a communion celebration on Maundy Thursday. This class meets the three Sundays before Easter; the Seder Meal and Maundy Thursday take place the Wednesday and Thursday before Easter. For kids grades 2-5 and their families.
To register please call or email Pastor Ben Schori at 612-781-2766 ext. 1010.

Faith at Home

FAITH AT HOME for Grades 1-4 – May 23 & 24

May 23 & 24 – 7th Sunday of Easter Worship Time: Make the sign of the cross (Touch forehead, then heart. Touch one shoulder, then the other.) As you make the cross say, “Love God, Love Neighbor” Offering: How will you make an offering today? Sing: Thank you, God for giving us life. Thank you, […]

FAITH AT HOME for Grades 1-4 – May 16 & 17

May 16 & 17 – 6th Sunday of Easter Worship Time If you are able, light a candle to remind yourselves that Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus is with you, and Jesus is in you. Let your light shine! Offering: How can you make an offering today?  Thank You, God: Name three […]


Grades 1-4 Faith Formation Registration

Your student is welcome to attend a Faith Formation class during any worship time. Please select a time.
$15/student, $35 maximum per family with students in preschool – Grade 4 Support your Youth Ministries. It takes a village to help raise a child. It also takes, supplies, training for leaders, and special events for the year. To that end, we suggest a payment of $15 (not to exceed $35 per family). Payments can be made online OR checks can be made payable to Nativity Lutheran Church.
Family Involvement
Parents support Faith Formation for Kids Age 3 through Kindergarten by being age-group leaders for a 4 week session during the school year. Our parent co-op leading is vital to the success of our faith formation programs, you will be leading by reading stories, helping with projects, take attendance, and keeping the children focused on what is happening in the class.*
Additional Student Information
Permission For Pictures Nativity uses photography and videography to promote and celebrate children's and youth events and programming. Worship services and special events are Live-Streamed. We will not name your child or children featured in promotional communications unless we have your express permission. If you are concerned about images of your child participating in Nativity activities appearing in Nativity press and web publications, please contact your child’s program coordinator.
Communication with Families Faith Formation for ages 3-Kindergarten announcements, photos and reminders will appear in a group email from Renee. You will also find special events on our Nativity website and social media pages. Please contact Renee if you have any questions about Faith Formation.

Upcoming Events

Worship on Wednesday

December 15, 2021 @ 6:15 pm - 6:45 pm
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