January Family Advocacy Week – Racial Justice


January Family Advocacy Week- Racial Justice

JANUARY 25-29th, 2021

Join us this week as we hear how people SHOW UP in our community, learn ways you can SHOW UP and listen to stories to help kids SHOW UP in their own way!

You will find everything here and on our Social Media. Each day we will post new content for you to hear and learn from with your family. You choose when you want to watch them and do the activities!  Start with a morning devotion, listen to a Storybook Time, read our daily advocacy information, or end your evening listening to the Power of Story Time and hear from members of our community.

Daily Family Week Videos

8:00 a.m. Morning Devotion;  10:00 a.m. Storybook Time 

Monday January 25th:

Morning Reflection: With Kyle Soderberg       CLICK HERE

Storybook Time: I AM ONE by Susan Verde CLICK HERE

Power of Story: Shannon Foreman  CLICK HERE


Tuesday January 26th:

Morning Reflection: Community Poem       CLICK HERE

Storybook Time: Let The Children March CLICK HERE

Power of Story: H-Cubed Co-Founders  CLICK HERE


Wednesday January 27th:

Morning Reflection: Ciaran Conroy     CLICK HERE

Storybook Time: Counting On Community CLICK HERE

Power of Story: Rev. Jenny Sung CLICK HERE


Thursday January 28th:

Morning Reflection: Heather Anderson       CLICK HERE

Storybook Time: Anti Racist Baby   CLICK HERE

Power of Story: Rev. Jia Starr Brown  CLICK HERE


Friday January 29th:

Morning Reflection: Pastor Ben Schori     CLICK HERE

Storybook Time: We Are Water Protectors  CLICK HERE

Power of Story: Jael Karendi  CLICK HERE

Pray For The Community With Your Kids At Home

Share in some faith practices at home!


Thin paper



Container filled with water

What To Do:

Think of people or things you would like to bring to God and cut out a shape from the paper. Ideas of prayers:
Praying for others/community- flowers or stars, writing the name of a different person on each petal/ star arm
Love/ forgiveness/ sorry- heart shapes
Thanks- the shape of something you want to thank God for.

Fold the corners, sides or petals of the shapes into the middle (as shown in the picture collage above).

Place the bottom of the prayer shape on top of the water and watch as the petals or folded portions of the shapes gradually open out, symbolically opening out the prayer to God.  The opened shape will then float on top of the water. This will take some time to happen fully so there is plenty of opportunity to watch and reflect on the prayers!

Pray Together: 

Dear God, Help us to learn how to SHOW UP for our community, to explore the world together and to play and be happy. Help us to have love for each other, to build kindness into every day, and to always remember God loves us all.  Amen.

Glocal Music: Listen and dance to the amazing ELCA Glocal Musicians singing “Salaam Alaikum” CLICK HERE

Read Together

Here are books for the different ages that you can find online and read at home!

Littles: A Is For Activist by InnosantoNagara

Age 3- Kindergarten: Separate is Never Equal by Duncan Tonatiuh

Grades 1-4: We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom

Middle School: March Book 1 by John Lewis

High School:  Portraits of Courage by KK Otteson