Holy Post-Race in America


Phil Vischer of VeggieTales fame, created this 18 minuteYouTube video on June 14, 2020  to help us understand why people are angry, why  people are protesting, and why even 150 years after slavery ended and 60 years after the civil rights movement we still have a race problem. Listening to this video will give you in 18 minutes a great review of the history of the African American people and why we still have the problem. (This YouTube video went viral and if interested Phil has done several follow up videos to answer questions/concerns people had about this video.)

The Racial Equity and Justice Ministry team hopes listening to this video increases your understanding of race in America and starts or continues your journey to understand race and white privilege and how we need to find ways to address systemic racism.
This video  is one of many resources listed on the Nativity website. Some other resources can be found here: RACIAL JUSTICE RESOURCES FOR ADULTS