Family Advocacy Week- October 26-30


October Family Advocacy Week- Global Ministry

OCTOBER 26-30th, 2020

Join us this week as we hear stories, read stories,  and make a new story of our own by helping our Global Community!

You will find everything here and on our Social Media. Each day we will post new content for you to hear and learn from with your family. You choose when you want to watch them and do the activities!  Start with a morning devotion, listen to a Storybook Time, read our daily advocacy information, or end your evening listening to the Power of Story Time and hear from members of our community.

Daily Family Week Videos


Monday October 26th:

Morning Reflection: With Bishop Eaton       CLICK HERE


Storybook Time: Can You Say Peace? By Karen Kratz CLICK HERE

Power of Story: With Global Missionaries Steve & Chris Manisto-Saari (VIDEO COMING SOON)

Pray For The World With Your Kids At Home

Share in some Global faith practices at home!


World Map (CLICK HERE) To Print One Out
Red marker
Plastic Bandages

What To Do:

Have your family form a circle, and place the map in the middle of the circle. Look at the map and briefly talk about places you have traveled or have learned about. Use a red marker to put a dot on each country or area you mention.

Distribute plastic bandages and pens. Have each person draw a heart on bandage and stick it on one of the countries or areas you talked about.  Say “Sending God’s Love to you” as you stick it on the area.

Pray Together: 

Dear God, Help us to learn new things, to explore the world together and to play and be happy. Help us to have love for each other, to build kindness into every day, and to always remember God loves us all.  Amen.

Glocal Music: Listen and dance to the amazing ELCA Glocal Musicians singing “Salaam Alaikum” CLICK HERE

Read Together

Here are books for the different ages that you can find online and read at home!

Littles: Beautiful Rainbow World by Suzee Ramirez

Age 3- Kindergarten: Galimoto by Karen Lynn Williams

Grades 1-4: Anna Hibiscus’ Song

Middle School: The Cherry Tree by Ruskin Bond

High School:  The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Talk About It!

Here are some websites and Global Advocacy conversations for you to have at home!

ELCA GLOBAL MISSION: Here are some questions you can ask at home.

Malala The Worlds Largest Lesson

Advocacy At Home Project

What can you do at home to help our Global Community?  Here is a project you can do! 

Write/ Draw to a Global Missionary:  Join us by sending letters and pictures you’ve drawn or colored to St. Andrew’s United Church of Cairo.  This week we will learn about their ministry and the connection we at Nativity have with this amazing ministry across the world in Egypt!

Click Here to download a sheet to color.  Take a picture and send it to  If you would like Pastor Christie to write back to you, just mention it in your email 🙂

Fair Trade Sunday:

Join us THIS SUNDAY! Wear your costume if you have one.   Sponsored by Nativity Women in Action and CYF Ministries.  Things to know:

Stay in your car. Wear a mask if you are 2+ years or older.  Wear your Costume.  Bring a donation of hats and gloves for women and children (Please no Dollar Store Stretch Gloves).  Receive in trade for your donation a Halloween Treat Bag!! Pick up your November Faith Formation Packet at the same time.