ELCA Good Gifts


An idea from the Nativity Hunger Outreach Team

The average American spends more than $700 on Christmas gifts each year.

  • When we think about the best gifts we have given or received, it is often not the gift itself but the meaning behind it that makes it significant.
  • Rethink traditional gift-giving this Christmas with ELCA Good Gifts. Give in honor of friends and family members and help support people in need and perhaps inspire recipients to help people in need.

How to participate starting the weekend of November 30/December 1

Pick up an ELCA Good Gifts catalog at the welcome desk to see all the gift options

Faith Formation-Grades 1-4 got a head start by collecting $90 toward ELCA Hunger in October. They plan to purchase a goat, honeybees, and chicks for families in need around the world.